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In the our shop there are several types of payment for your order: on-line and credit card payment using PayPal, and payment via bank transfer. You can choose your payment method while making your order.

Please remember, that PayPal and Direct Credit Card is the fastest payment method (we are getting the money almost immediately and we can start proceeding the order) while the abroad money transfer takes several days until we get it and this is when we are starting proceeding the order. Also, please remember that your bank can charge you an additional fee for making abroad money transfers between banks. 

a. PayPal

Fast and secure payment with well known PayPal system. More info:

b. Bank transfer

When placing an order using bank transfer payment option, you will get an email from us where you will find the details for the order and all bank transfer data. In addition, upon confirmation of order you will receive  the order confirmation email with all the necessary details.

Most banks need three things to make the abroad bank transfer: the name of the bank, the IBAN number and the BIC identifier. All the data is given to you in the order confirmation email and receipt, but we will repeat it here to make it clearer. 

  • EURO payments

BANK NAME : ING Bank Śląski S.A.
BANK ADDRESS : ul. Sokolska 34, 40-086 Katowice
ACCOUNT NO. : PL 67 1050 1764 1000 0097 4493 3905  (if it does not work, use simply 67 1050 1764 1000 0097 4493 3905 , without "PL")
Behemoth Webstore Maciej Gruszka
ul. Wichrowa 16
80-297 Banino
TRANSFER TITLE : your order number 

We begin to process your order when we get your payment. Remember, that all the orders which are not paid within 3 days are cancelled. You can contact us to extend the deadline.

Please note, that your bank can additionally charge you when the currency needs to be converted to GBP, Euro or USD or just for paying the abroad transfer. Please contact your bank before you make the transfer to know the exact cost.

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